Winterizing Your Office Space to Ensure Employee Productivity

Comfort in an Office Setting

Cold in officeIf you have ever worked in an office setting, you know the importance of comfort in that atmosphere. Temperature can play a big part in you’re comfort level while you are trying to work. Even in a city like Atlanta, winter temperatures routinely dip into the chilly 20s. If you have employees, and they are cold you may find that their productivity decreases. Winter is a key time to ensure your employees’ comfort while working. In order to make sure the people who work for you are able to produce their best work, make sure you do your part in winterizing their work space and in encouraging them to look after their own health during the cold months. The following list is a good jumping-off point for starting this process.

Winterizing Your Office

  1. You will first need to make sure that the workspace you have provided your employees with is properly sealed and insulated. Not only will they be uncomfortable if drafts are a problem in their office area, but you will be losing more than just their productivity. You will also find yourself losing money as your heating system has to work harder to heat the cold air that’s being let in. It’s worth having a handyman check the space over before fall turns to winter and then getting any problems you discover taken care of.
  2. If you’ve ever dealt with a water leak in your home, you know what a disaster such occurrence can be. An accident like this in the workplace can be even more devastating, especially if computers, printers and other technology is involved. You will also experience lost productivity because your employees cannot work in these conditions. To avoid water leaks in winter, make sure your pipes are properly insulated so they can withstand freezing temperatures without cracking and leaking.
  3. Winterization of your office space goes beyond just physical maintenance. It extends to the employees themselves. Encourage employees to get flu shots so sickness doesn’t sideline them. You may even be able to secure free or deeply discounted flu shots for your employees if you work with your insurance company.
  4. Encourage employees to tend to their own well-being by making sure windows let in lots of natural light. This precaution can help combat depression brought on by seasonal changes and the dwindling day length that winter causes. Employees who are encouraged to put their own physical and mental well-being on the front burner will be able to devote the time and energy to their jobs that is required to keep your company running smoothly throughout the season.

Other Concerns

Office conceptOnce you’ve winterized your office space and encouraged your employees to prepare for the coming cold season, you can address other less pressing concerns that might be on your radar regarding your office space. Looking into new furniture for your professional space might be one of those concerns. Once you have major winterization concerns squared away, you’re free to look into commercial furniture setup in Atlanta.

You can then feel confident about spending time on less pressing concerns like the best sofas for your waiting area or new ergonomic chairs that help your employees do their best work. You will feel better about treating yourself to these types of accouterments if you have major concerns like water leaks from frozen pipes completely under control. For more information about optimizing the performance of your office space, visit


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