Why It Is Important to Use Eco-friendly Office Furniture

Empty meeting room in a modern office.

Going green has been a good office strategy for several reasons over the past decade. A company that looks after the environment will be perceived as more caring and will be trusted more by consumers. Its employees will feel better about the work that they do, and most important for any company, the bottom line will be directly and indirectly affected in a positive manner. OJ Installations in Atlanta understands the reasons behind eco-friendly office furniture installation.

Outgassing Chemicals

New furniture and upholstery will release chemicals into the air that are carcinogenic. These known contributors to cancer could make your employees and customers ill. While some of the chemicals may smell nice because they smell like something new, breathing them can be harmful. Eco-friendly furniture reduces or eliminates the output of these gases.

Saving Resources

The most eco-friendly of all furniture is that which is used. By reusing office furniture, you are saving resources on a planetary scale. However, you are also saving money because used furniture is often hundreds of dollars less than buying the same item new. Going green can result in more green on your bottom line.

Eco-friendly office furniture installation has to be done in a manner consistent with the product. By creating an office friendly to the environment, you are creating a happy and healthy atmosphere. Green is not only the color of environmentalism, it is also the color of growth and money.

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