Understanding the Different Types of Office Desks

Three business people in the office working together.Scheduling office furniture installation in Atlanta can be exciting, but it’s a good idea to do a little bit of research before you settle on a specific choice. You spend a lot of time at your desk, so it’s important that it meets your daily needs. That includes both function and comfort. Saving space could be another point of concern, and different desks are optimized for certain uses. Identifying your needs and matching them to the right desk is a great way to ensure that you get the most out of your new office furniture.

L-Shaped Desks

If your office doesn’t have a lot of available area, an L-shaped desk could be the right choice. As the name suggests, it’s shaped like the letter L. An L-shaped desk is great for fitting into a corner while still providing a lot of surface space and room to work. When placed properly, an L-shaped desk allows for a lot of movement. If you have more than one person using a fairly cramped room, a couple L-shaped desks should be comfortable, giving them plenty of work options. Although L-shaped desks are popular among receptionists, that’s certainly not the only way to use them.

Computer Desks

A computer desk is specifically designed to accommodate a computer. For IT companies or any business that’s heavily dependent on computers, the computer desk is an essential part of the office. Most computer desks have a number of adjustable parts, such as a keyboard tray, legs for changing height, or a monitor stand. Features, such as built-in electrical outlets, are also common. If most of your work is done from your computer, a computer desk is a very wise investment. There are many different styles and configurations of computer desks. With such a wide variety, everyone should be able to find a computer desk that works for them.

Reception Desks

VIP office furnitureFirst impressions matter. Your reception area is the first part of your office that visitors encounter, so it’s important to deliver a proper welcome and put your best foot forward. The reception desk is the heart of that space. That makes choosing a great reception desk essential. Fortunately, there are many styles, colors, materials, and shapes available. Your office might be contemporary, traditional, rustic, or even have an industrial or geometrically-inspired aesthetic. Whatever the design, you should be able to find a fantastic reception desk that works.

U-Shaped Desks

Much like the L-shaped desk, a U-shaped desk is designed to deliver a certain shape. Unlike an L-shaped desk, a U-shaped desk isn’t necessarily a great space saver. Instead, the U-shape provides the person ample area to work, enough room to move about, and provides a bit of privacy. The U-shape is sometimes used for reception areas. If the desk has multiple levels, one can be given to guests to sign in or complete paperwork and another gives the employee a working area. However, a U-shaped desk is also great for multitasking since different sections can be set aside for specific tasks.

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