Tips to Communicate Office Move to External Partners

Cartons and equipment on floor of empty office spaceFinding the ideal location to move your office can be exciting. Along with the excitement, there are obligations that must be met. It’s important to give your partners, clients, and vendors appropriate notification of the upcoming move. Here are tips to communicate an office move to external partners.

Communicate an Office Move via Social Media

You can use this as an outlet to reveal an upcoming move. It’s important to assure everyone that the services offered will not be affected. You may want to consider adding photos of your new office to gain more interaction and interest. Make sure that you share your new office address or any potential delays that could affect your partners. Also, post updates regarding the status of your business once you have settled into your new space.

Ensure the Appropriate Person Is Sending Communication about the Move

An office move must be planned carefully and communicating the message must come from the appropriate person. To give your partners the confidence that their partnership is a significant value to you, the message should be sent in advance from a team member that the partner has built a relationship with. When the message has been sent, it’s important that the communication isn’t broken. You may want to continuously send updates and reminders to your partners.

Concentrate on the Benefits Your Partners Will See

Try not to move your office at the busiest time of the year for your business. This will decrease the inconvenience to the clients and vendors. When there are some negative drawbacks throughout the move, you can reduce ill feelings by constantly reminding your partners about the positive things that will occur because of the move. By maintaining positive communication, your partners will have more patience with your company during a move.

Be Open to Feedback

You may find that some employees will be thrilled about the move, but others may not be as excited. Make sure that you provide a way for these employees to raise their concerns without feeling like they will be targeted as being negative. An example of this is some employees may have to commute an hour more each day to get to the new location. By having a feedback process, you are allowing staff members to voice their concerns. A solution might be to allow some employees to work from home at times so they won’t have to spend as much time commuting.

Benefits of Office Relocation Services

Office relocation services in Atlanta can be a great benefit to your company.

Enhanced Equipment:
Often times, office moving companies in Atlanta have specialized equipment to safely move heavy electronics and office furniture to your new location.

Systematic Process:
Commercial movers have clear techniques to efficiently move your company and conduct office cubicle installation in Atlanta.

Next Steps

Planning and coordinating an office move can be stressful, especially if there are other people involved. Contact an experienced team of professionals at OJ Installations for your next office move.

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