Reasons to Hire a Professional for Furniture Installation

Hands with screw driver assembling furniture elementWhen it comes to planning a big office move, people are led to incorrectly believe that the “moving” is actually the easiest part. Getting everyone organized, choosing new locations for office workers, negotiating with the landlord and the web server – these things are complicated. But, the actual moving of the furniture seems so uncomplicated, that a lot of office managers choose to do it on their own. Here some big reasons why you’ll want to hire a professional installer.

It’s Dangerous

Lift with your legs! No matter how often you tell people, they just don’t do it. Even if most of the heavy lifting is assigned to the stoutest of office staff, a back injury can put them out of work for months and it’ll all be your fault.

It’s Way More Work Than It Seems

As any office furniture installer in Atlanta can tell you, there’s much more involved in moving an office than what appears. Whole sections of the office need to be disassembled and then reassembled at the new destination. No offense to your employees, but do you really want them to be responsible for all that?

Protect Your Furniture

Moving an office is tough enough. The last thing you need is for the office furniture to get damaged in the process. If a file cabinet is destroyed, it’s not just the cabinet that needs to be replaced, it’s everything within the cabinet that needs to be relocated. That’s like two office moves for those unlucky files!

Furniture Installers Save Money

You might think you’re saving money by doing an office move yourself, but you’d be incorrect. Protecting your employees from injury and your furniture from damage saves far more money in the long run than whatever you thought you were saving. And furniture is one thing, but if – heaven forbid – an employee should suffer an injury that results in a lawsuit, then you’d really regret that decision to go it alone.

Hiring experts at commercial furniture installation in Atlanta is the surest way to simplify the moving process by putting it in someone else’s hands. And, by removing the risks associated with big office moves, and letting professionals handle the heavy lifting and assembly, you’re ensuring the safest and most efficient move possible.

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