Our Services serving Atlanta, GA

Hiring a professional company is the best way to ensure that your office move or reconfiguration is successful, but all companies aren’t equal. Some over-promise, but under-deliver. To avoid hiring a service company like that, what do you need to know about office furniture installation companies in Atlanta before you decide who to hire?

An office move is very different than a residential move, so find a company that specializes in office moves and reconfigurations.

OJ Installations in Atlanta,GA offers a wide variety of services to give you an efficiently designed workplace.

Our services include:

Complex Projects

Even small moves or reconfigurations are complex. There are many elements to be coordinated and many details that can be easy to overlook. It helps if the company you hire has experience with many different office system installations in Atlanta.

Cubicle installation in Atlanta can be challenging. It requires specialized skills, knowledge and experience. Installers deal with many different parts and tools. They carefully examine the contents of multiple boxes, finding all small packages within boxes and confirming that each package contains all of the pieces needed. They coordinate and work with cable installers and electricians. They handle electrical power distribution and wire management. They check that alignments and connections are correct and secure.

Office desk installations in Atlanta can be a little simpler, but it just isn’t the best use of your employees’ time. Plus, you risk damaging the furniture you’ve invested in, gouging a wall, or even ending up with an employee with back problems.

Experience Counts

OJ Installations has many years of experience installing office furniture, desks, cubicles, and office workstation installations in Atlanta. Professional installers take away the hassle and headaches so often caused by the words, “some assembly required.” We will do all the heavy lifting and work hard to assure your work schedule isn’t interrupted.

Also offering Tear down/Removal Services

When it’s time to upgrade to a different space, OJ Installations can assist with more than just moving your furniture in Atlanta. We’ll also provide tear down service on the front end. If you have items bolted to the floor in your current location or other items that must be torn down before they can be moved, our technicians can help.

If you’re looking to increase productivity through more efficient workspace, or seeking to move your office from one part of Atlanta to another, call (678)437-5506 to discuss your needs today!