Office Design Tips to Boost Productivity

Productivity in the OfficeStudies line the internet with tips on how to increase office productivity because many office managers find that this is one of the hardest (and most important) things to do. But many people don’t think about the workplace design as influencing productivity in the office despite the fact that the largest factor in determining how well an employee is able to focus is their physical environment. So, how do you create a more productivity-producing work environment? Here are a few office design tips to boost productivity in your office workers.


One of the most important things in working efficiently is the lighting in the office. In many offices, there is lots of bad general lighting with little access to natural light. If your employees aren’t as productive as you would like, try changing the lighting, adding more natural light, or providing light therapy devices, all of which will help them feel more awake, less eyestrain, and less overall irritability.


Next, seating is another important thing, especially because sitting in the same position for 8 hours is far from comfortable. There are many things to check in order to make sure your desk and chair both fit your body properly. Check to make sure that you are 2 to 3 feet away from your computer screen and that the screen is at eye level. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than constantly craning your neck or looking down. You’ll also want a chair that is slightly reclined, as this will help with back pain.


People naturally are more productive when there is little clutter in the office. People tend to be more productive when there is little else to focus on, hence why most offices have little decorations. If you have a cluttered desk, be sure to clean if you are feeling distracted and unproductive.


Lastly, the color of the room that you work in is extremely important in influencing brain function as it elicits physical and emotional responses. Most offices are dressed in grays, whites and blacks, which ends up decreasing productivity instead of increasing it. If you can choose the color of your office, be sure to pick blues or greens, as both will influence creativity as well as increase productivity. If you can’t, bring in items with colors for your own desk.

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