New Trends in Office System Installation

Office design has a measurable impact on the productivity and happiness of employees. That’s why so many large corporations focus on making the interior and exterior of their buildings cohesive with their brand, pleasant for employees and customers, and as functional as possible. If you’re looking to redesign your headquarters and for¬†office furniture installation near Atlanta, these tips on the latest developments in office innovation can help you create a positive and productive work space.

Open and Collaborative Still Trending

For the past few years, open and collaborative offices have stayed in vogue. With a shift from the “cube farm” of the 1990s, office designers have prioritized letting light into everyone’s work space and providing places where people from different departments can collaborate. This shift has continued to be positive for companies and employees who don’t want to go back to the clunky stations of old.

Having offices with glass, lower station walls, and options for standing or sitting desks have been all the rage. Standing desks have been proven to offer health benefits, so numerous companies are jumping on this choice. These trends are new, but have also been time-tested as popular among employees and business owners alike. Getting these types of office workstation installation in Atlanta can update businesses environments that feel dark or closed off.

From Bold and Patterned to Clean

One trend that hasn’t stuck is the bright colors and patterns of offices built a few years ago. Corporate giants like Google and Oracle remodeled many offices to have zigzag wallpaper and bright primary-colored furnishings, but more and more these choices feel busy. Employees have reported that keeping an office simple, with white walls and neutral shades for furniture and stations, keeps them from getting distracted.

No matter what you’re looking for, we can help you find updated but functional design. With new¬†office system installation near Atlanta, your company environment will be positive for your employees and visiting clients.

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