Modern Office Furniture Trends for Autumn

autumn fall flat lay, top view home office table desktopTurn your office into the most stylish business in town with autumn’s trendiest furniture. Late 2018 has brought some unique concepts to the world of office design, each of which ride a sophisticated line between homey comfort and professionalism.  

Here’s what to look for when shopping for professional office furniture installation companies in Atlanta.

Fall Colors

The fall colors aren’t always the fiery leaf hues you’d expect. This fall, other colors are making a surprising entry into the world of business design. Deep blues, like navy and royal blue, are the new neutrals, replacing boring gray and typical white. Navy blue is a great choice for large tables and seating. It’s smart but also cool and relaxed, a great vibe for your company.

Of course, maple red and bright orange are perfectly suitable for fall, as always. Red or orange accessories have the creative energy of political debate, tech innovation, artistic development, and other elements you’ll want to bring to the table, sometimes literally. Pillows, throws, rugs, and art in fall colors are sure to impress.

Polished Metal

Office furniture installation companies have seen polished metal in every trendy office atmosphere. From neutral chrome to old-fashioned copper or proud brass, polished metal fixtures, furniture legs, seats, and accessories are all the rage in late 2018. The metals are timeless, but the bright polish and reflectivity are so modern.

Metal furniture can be difficult to install, deliver, and assemble, so hire pros for office furniture assembly done right.

Textured and Patterned Fabrics

Boring offices tend to have one thing in common: a lack of pattern. It’s as if companies don’t want to bring creativity and passion out of their employees. While the floral trend is more appropriate for homes or public spaces like waiting rooms, shop aisles, and restaurant dining rooms, your employees could use some patterned office furniture, too. Try tweed, which is hardy but often has a modest pattern in its colorful stitching. You could even try natural wood with a colorful grain.

If you want more ideas, along with professional delivery and installation, contact OJ Installations, who specialize in office furniture installation in Atlanta.

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