Install the Office Desk That Works for You

Work at a typical office cubicle can be long and tiring. It doesn’t help when your office cubicle has a desk arrangement that is uncomfortable and makes working productively difficult. If you are lucky enough to have your office cubicle remodeled, here are a few ergonomic tips for your next office desk installation in Atlanta. These tips will help make your body be more comfortable on the job, which increases productivity and prevents those aches and pains from long work days.

Natural Posture

Before you consider installing your new desk, it is very important that your desk allows for natural posture. Natural posture is when your vertebrae, back, and pelvis are aligned in a manner that allows for natural comfort and circulation. This permits your shoulders to relax as you rest your hands either on your lap or your keyboard.

Keyboard and Mouse

The keyboard and mouse should be accessible in a manner that keeps your arms at your sides and slightly below a 90-degree angle. This allows your arm muscles to stay relaxed and prevent straining. Keyboards trays are recommended. Trays allow for ideal keyboard and mouse placement without lowering the height of your desk. Your mouse height should be level with your keyboard for smoother hand transitions.

Computer Monitor Position

Having the proper distance, height, and angle for your computer monitor is also important. The right monitor placement can prevent you from straining your neck while working. Placing the monitor in the center of your desk is the ideal position. For the right distance, you should be able to extend your arm and touch the screen with your middle finger. For the right height, simply tilt your monitor slightly downwards to prevent glare and make sure the address bar is eye level.

Chair Adjustments

When you install a new chair for your desk, you want to focus on a chair that is going to support your posture. It should allow you to sit up straight without causing you to slouch or lean back. When you sit down in it, there should be some space between the edge of your chair and the back of your knees for circulation. Chair height should be set so you can easily scoot under your desk without bumping the key tray and that allows for both feet to be firmly on the floor.

Remember to Take Breaks

Even if everything is installed in a proper and ideal working position, you still need to be able to get up and take short breaks once and a while. Be sure that both your desk and chair are positioned in a manner that allows you to get up and stretch without straining your arm and leg muscles. If you find your body is aching while doing so, be sure to address these issues before your office installation is completed.

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