Increasing Worker Productivity Through Innovative Office Workstation Design

In the 1960s, a highly-acclaimed furniture designer named Robert Probst declared that typical office spaces were inhibiting the talents of those who worked there. Managers were hidden behind closed doors and workers’ desks were lined up in rows in the middle of the room. Although a German company attempted to remedy the problem with the open office concept, it was phased out by the 1970s due to increased noise and a lack of privacy.

It was Probst who designed the cubicle—a flexible, three-walled, fabric-covered design that could be reshaped to meet the needs of the office space. By 1998, 40 million Americans were working in a cubicle based on Probst’s design. As businesses worked to decrease their bottom line, the need to maximize office space increased as well. Cubicles provided a solution, and are the most popular furniture installation in modern offices.

Efficient Workspaces

Today, office workstations must provide space efficiency, but aesthetics are important as well. Employees are happier in their work environment when personal workspaces offer a level of privacy, according to a 2016 survey by the research firm Ipsos and office furniture retailer Steelcase. Happy employees are more productive.

Redefining Your Office Space

When planning or revamping your office space, it’s important to provide a variety of workspaces that meet the needs of differing work styles and job tasks. Here are some ideas used for cubicle installation and commercial furniture setups in Atlanta:

  • Comfort is important. Look for desk and chair options that are well-constructed and follow ergonomic principles.
  • Consider desks that allow employees the option of standing during the day instead of spending the entire workday sitting in a chair.
  • Resolve clutter issues in the office space with efficient storage solutions, such as cabinets and shelving. Crowded environments decrease productivity.
  • Provide ample spacing for each workspace and furniture setup.

An office space should adapt easily to changes in company growth or direction. We offer additional ideas on flexible office workstation installations in Atlanta, and can help you design or revamp your office space with functional, aesthetically pleasing furniture options.

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