Ideas to Utilize Your Office Space More Efficiently

Modern open space office with city viewYour office environment affects your work quality and productivity. For instance, if your office is cluttered, messy, or distracting, the work your produce can reflect that. An organized office offers many benefits, from minimizing distractions to providing a feeling of control, which will lead to higher levels of productivity. This blog will give you a few tips on using your office space more efficiently. In some cases, you can hire systems furniture installation in Atlanta to maximize your office space.

Create Space for Junk

There are three different types of junk in an office: 1) important documents, 2) the things you bring in, such as your jacket, umbrella, and a coffee mug, and 3) trash. Since there’s no sure-fire way to prevent junk from entering your office, you should allocate a place for it.

The allotted space should have holders for junk, including 1) a credenza or cabinet for documents, 2) a shelf or hooks to keep items in place, and 3) a garbage bin. You should place these containers in a practical location, such as next to the entrance. Having a single spot set up in your office for keeping junk will help keep it clean with little effort.

Create Two Work Zones

Since not all work is the same, you shouldn’t think of it as such. Try mapping your office into two sections:

  • Computer work – This is your traditional desktop, where you do a majority of your online day-to-day tasks.
  • Manual work – This is where you do any tasks that don’t require a keyboard, such as rifling through documents or signing papers. It doesn’t have to be another area in your office just a spot on your desk that’s clear of cords, chargers, and monitors.

Having a two-section approach to your office work can help organize it and improve your productivity by removing unnecessary distractions.

Place Physical Objects in Drawers and Trays

Every office needs a few supplies. No matter how many you have, you need a place to keep them. Avoid letting them gather on your desk, as they can quickly clutter it. In most cases, you should store your supplies in an organized, convenient place, such as a drawer.

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