How to Prepare Your Office for Furniture Installation

Office furnitureGetting new office furniture installed is an important part of your business’s growth. Not only does it show your company’s expansion and growth, but it allows you to continue bringing on new employees, who can help to further grow your business. If you’re looking for workstation installation in Atlanta, read these tips to get your office ready for it.

Remove Other Furniture and Equipment

If you have other furniture or equipment currently in the space, make sure they’re removed before the new furniture arrives. Whether you’re selling the old furniture or placing it in another space, you want to make sure it’s out of the way so the installation goes smoothly. This includes equipment like printers and fax machines you want to keep in the space; move them out of the way until the furniture installation is complete, then put them back in the room.

Clean the Floors

Before the new workstations are installed, it’s a good idea to clean the flooring in the space. You won’t have many opportunities to clean the carpets thoroughly once the new furniture is in place. Doing it while the space is empty allows you to get into all the nooks and crannies that won’t be reachable with desks and cubicle walls in the way.

Prep Your Employees

Make sure your employees know when the new furniture will be installed. Odds are, some of them will be displaced during the installation, so try to provide them with another space and the equipment they need to continue being productive. This might mean allowing them to work from home that day or having several employees work on laptops in the conference room. If you properly prepare your employees, you can continue to get things done, despite the construction going on in your office space.

If you properly prepare for furniture installation day, the experience should be a smooth and easy one with minimal disruption to your business. When looking for furniture installation services in Atlanta, you can also ask if they provide additional services like removing the old furniture for you. This will save you time and effort and make the experience even better.

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