How Office Furniture Arrangement Affects Productivity

office work placeDo you feel stressed out or overwhelmed when you’re in your office? Well, this might have less to do with the tasks ahead of you and more to do with the way the office furniture is arranged. Over the years, arrangements of offices have changed drastically as science has shown the way the office setting impacts workers’ moods and productivity. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading. To set up your office in a way that’s more conducive to positivity and productivity, look for furniture installation services in Atlanta.

Open Spaces

A few decades ago, workers were crammed into ever-shrinking spaces in an effort to fit more workers into one building. Cubicle walls served as dividers, forcing workers into tiny grey boxes that were devoid of any personality. These cramped, drab spaces can stifle creativity and cause anxiety in workers to skyrocket.

Today, more and more businesses are turning to a more open, less structured office space. There are usually still traditional desk spaces, but open lounge areas and comfortable nooks provide spaces where workers can collaborate with one another or simply work in a different position. Being able to choose how and where to work encourages creativity and improves workers’ moods, which boosts their productivity.


The way the furniture is built can also have an impact on your workers’ productivity. Comfortable,

ergonomic desks and chairs allow workers to remain comfortable for prolonged periods of work, which can improve focus as well as help to prevent long-term problems from sitting in improper positions. Adjustable furniture is also ideal, as it allows workers to choose whether they sit or stand during their work day. This allows them to change positions freely, which can help them to refocus, stay comfortable, and continue being productive.

The type of office furniture you choose and the way it is arranged in your office will have a direct impact on your workers’ productivity. For help in designing your office, look forĀ business furniture installations in Atlanta.

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