DIY Office Furniture Installation: What Could Go Wrong

For the cash-aware businessperson, do-it-yourself office furniture seems like the way to go. After all, you are paying, in part, for the building and installation of the piece when someone else does it. However, sometimes cost is not only reflected in the bottom line, but in other costs as well. If you choose professional help, there are services that provide business furniture installations in Atlanta. Here are a few examples of what might go wrong if you choose to tackle the job yourself:

  • You underestimate the complexity of the job until it’s all laid out on the floor and you gasp at the volume of pages of instructions you are facing.
  • You delegate the building and installation to someone else because you really do not have the time. Soon it becomes clear your designee is not up to the job.
  • You get part way through the installation and discover parts are missing. The company informs you the parts will take 6 weeks to order.
  • The company has provided the tools needed to do the installation, but you can’t make them work the way the diagram illustrates, and no other tool you substitute from your toolbox fits that job.
  • Once the piece is halfway done you, realize all the wood pieces are facing the wrong direction.

Most likely this is not an exhaustive list of what could go wrong in a DIY furniture installation project. It is clear while the initial cost of the furniture may be attractive, the additional cost in time, whether staff time or your time, soon overtakes your cost margin.

What can’t be measured in dollars and cents is the wear and tear to morale and working relationships that suffers in the above scenarios. When you are considering a commercial furniture installer, the extra expense in cash outlay might save you in the end from unnecessary frustration, bad feelings, and failure from trying to make it happen on your own.

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