Creative Design Ideas for a New Office Space

Office with grass, tonedMoving into a new office? Looking for some ideas on how to design your new space? The business world is full of trendy, creative office spaces. If you’re looking for ideas on your office design, check out the blog below. And if you don’t feel like doing the grunt work yourself, look for a business to do your office furniture assembly in Atlanta for you.

Bring the Outdoors In

Many studies have shown the benefits of placing elements of the outdoors throughout your indoor space. This applies to both your home and your office. If you’re setting up a new office space, be sure to leave a corner open for a potted plant. Or, place a few succulents on your bookshelf or window sill to add a bit of the outdoors to your space. Not only is this a great design tool, but it has been proven to boost mood and energy throughout the day, simply by having a few living plants in your office.

Bring Some Home into the Office

One popular design trend for offices is to add “homey” design elements to the work space. This can come in the form of a lounging area with comfortable couches, a dining table in the break room, or any other elements that make the office feel more like home. Many business owners love this design trend, because it helps their employees to feel comfortable in their work space and boosts morale.

The Flexible Office Space

Another popular trend in office design has businesses moving away from assigned cubicles and allowing employees to choose their work stations. Most offices who follow this trend still give employees designated work areas, but allow them to move about throughout the day depending on the task they are completing. For example, one employee might choose to take their laptop to a lounge area to work, while another might prefer to use a small, secluded work pod to make important phone calls. Consider offering many work places for your employees to choose from.

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