Checklist for Office Relocation

Planning to move your business to a new facility? It’s easy to become overwhelmed during the moving process. Here are 5 steps to simplify the transition into a new building.

Announce Your Move

Once you know when and where you’re moving, one of the first things to do is to let everyone else know. Put up signs at your current building and send emails or fliers to your customers and clients letting them know of the change. Make sure to contact your vendors about the move as well. And of course, you’ll need to let your telephone, internet, and utility companies know so you can transfer their services to your new building.

Assign Employee Responsibilities

Your move will happen much more smoothly if all of your employees know how to pitch in. Have a meeting with your employees to assign each of them specific jobs so that everything is covered.

Inventory Your Equipment

Take a detailed inventory of all of your merchandise, furniture, computers, and any other belongings that are making the move with you. While packing, be sure everything is clearly labeled so you can know where everything is at all times. This is also a good time to clean everything thoroughly so it’s ready to go as soon as you open your doors to the new building.

Back Up Important Information

Any important information stored on your computers should be backed up before making the move. This way you will be covered if any of your equipment gets damaged or misplaced during the transition.

Plan Your Layout

Take time to design the layout ahead of your move by using a detailed plan of your new building. This will make the move much simpler for everyone involved. Take into account existing phone lines and other important utilities so you know that your employees will have everything they need to do their jobs. Planning out your layout also helps you move in more efficiently. If you are using office relocation services, they will know exactly where everything is supposed to go as they’re unloading.

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