The Benefits of Hiring Experts for Furniture Assembly

Once you’ve picked out the perfect piece of furniture, you just want to enjoy it. You don’t want to spend several stressful hours trying to assemble it, or worrying that the piece you’ve assembled is going to fall apart after a few uses. Hiring experts to assemble your furniture is generally a wise move, because proper assembly will increase the lifespan of your furniture and save you the aggravation of putting it together yourself. Continue reading “The Benefits of Hiring Experts for Furniture Assembly”

How to Choose Office Furniture Installation Service

Asking your current employees to install office furniture is a waste of resources. You hired them to do their jobs, and they probably aren’t equipped with the knowledge or skills to be efficient in furniture installation. Even if they are capable, you run the risk of injury and workmen’s comp claims. At OJ Installations in Atlanta, we recommend always hiring a good company to do the work. Here are a couple of tips to get you started finding the right installer. Continue reading “How to Choose Office Furniture Installation Service”

Benefits of Hiring Experts for Office Furniture Installation

If you’re ready to invest in new furniture for your office space, keep in mind that selecting and purchasing the items you need is just the first step in the process. You’ll also have to install and configure the furniture in your space, and that can be a lot more challenging than it sounds. That’s why you don’t want to go it alone. Instead, consider professional office workstation installation in Atlanta to get your upgraded space primed and ready to work.

By using professional installers for your furniture, your office will reap three key benefits. Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring Experts for Office Furniture Installation”

How to Find Affordable Office Relocation Services

OfficeThere are many reasons that you may need to relocate your business. Ideally, it’ll simply be due to outgrowing your old space. Whether that’s thanks to rapid expansion or just steady growth over the years, sometimes a location becomes too crowded or otherwise insufficient for your daily needs. Of course, there are other possibilities. A building might be damaged and need serious repairs or your lease may soon be expiring, which grants you a great opportunity to find a facility that’s more to your liking. Whatever the occasion may be, finding affordable relocation services can definitely provide a big help. Continue reading “How to Find Affordable Office Relocation Services”

Signs You Need to Refresh Your Office Design

empty manager office with luxurious furnitureChance are, it’s not orange drapes that predate the Cuban Missile Crisis or counter tops that made it through the disco age that you’re tired of looking at in your office. Even if we’re not talking about decades of outdated furniture and decorations, updating your office can boost every employee’s mood and productivity. In terms of clients, ensuring that your office locations look updated and modern will provide a good lasting impression about your company’s relationship to technology and forward-thinking. With all these incentives for refreshing your office design in mind, take a look around for these tell-tale signs that now is the time for a new commercial look. Continue reading “Signs You Need to Refresh Your Office Design”

Creative Design Ideas for a New Office Space

Office with grass, tonedMoving into a new office? Looking for some ideas on how to design your new space? The business world is full of trendy, creative office spaces. If you’re looking for ideas on your office design, check out the blog below. And if you don’t feel like doing the grunt work yourself, look for a business to do your office furniture assembly in Atlanta for you. Continue reading “Creative Design Ideas for a New Office Space”

Save Time and Money with Office Relocators

Young office workers moving officeWhen it’s time to move your business, you need to hire professional relocators for the job. There are several advantages to making sure you get the best moving company available, most of which involve your bottom line and your employees’ health and safety. At OJ Installations in Atlanta, we understand that a business move can seem like a heavy upfront expense. We also know that when you make a move with a great moving company, you will actually be doing your business a favor. Continue reading “Save Time and Money with Office Relocators”

Choosing Furniture Installation Services after Office Relocation

Industrial Office Area (design)Moving offices is a series of stressful decisions and major headaches, no matter how efficient and organized you may be. It will always be a disruption to your regular business operations. And, even after you get to your new office, you have to deal with getting all of the furniture set up so that you can start working again. Trying to set everything up on your own will just delay your return to normal operations. Instead, you should look for business furniture installations in Atlanta. Here are a few tips for choosing the right company. Continue reading “Choosing Furniture Installation Services after Office Relocation”

How Office Furniture Arrangement Affects Productivity

office work placeDo you feel stressed out or overwhelmed when you’re in your office? Well, this might have less to do with the tasks ahead of you and more to do with the way the office furniture is arranged. Over the years, arrangements of offices have changed drastically as science has shown the way the office setting impacts workers’ moods and productivity. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading. To set up your office in a way that’s more conducive to positivity and productivity, look for furniture installation services in Atlanta. Continue reading “How Office Furniture Arrangement Affects Productivity”

Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office

Library in luxury homeHome offices are pretty common and can be found in most homes today. If you’re installing a home office, then it’s important to pick the right furniture for your space and needs. This blog will give you a few tips for picking the right furniture for your home office. In some cases, commercial furniture installation in Atlanta may be available to help you set up your office furniture. Continue reading “Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office”