Save Time and Money with Office Relocators

Young office workers moving officeWhen it’s time to move your business, you need to hire professional relocators for the job. There are several advantages to making sure you get the best moving company available, most of which involve your bottom line and your employees’ health and safety. At OJ Installations in Atlanta, we understand that a business move can seem like a heavy upfront expense. We also know that when you make a move with a great moving company, you will actually be doing your business a favor. Continue reading “Save Time and Money with Office Relocators”

Choosing Furniture Installation Services after Office Relocation

Industrial Office Area (design)Moving offices is a series of stressful decisions and major headaches, no matter how efficient and organized you may be. It will always be a disruption to your regular business operations. And, even after you get to your new office, you have to deal with getting all of the furniture set up so that you can start working again. Trying to set everything up on your own will just delay your return to normal operations. Instead, you should look for business furniture installations in Atlanta. Here are a few tips for choosing the right company. Continue reading “Choosing Furniture Installation Services after Office Relocation”

How Office Furniture Arrangement Affects Productivity

office work placeDo you feel stressed out or overwhelmed when you’re in your office? Well, this might have less to do with the tasks ahead of you and more to do with the way the office furniture is arranged. Over the years, arrangements of offices have changed drastically as science has shown the way the office setting impacts workers’ moods and productivity. If you want to learn more about this topic, keep reading. To set up your office in a way that’s more conducive to positivity and productivity, look for furniture installation services in Atlanta. Continue reading “How Office Furniture Arrangement Affects Productivity”

Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office

Library in luxury homeHome offices are pretty common and can be found in most homes today. If you’re installing a home office, then it’s important to pick the right furniture for your space and needs. This blog will give you a few tips for picking the right furniture for your home office. In some cases, commercial furniture installation in Atlanta may be available to help you set up your office furniture. Continue reading “Choosing the Perfect Furniture for Your Home Office”

Reasons to Hire Licensed Professionals for Your Office System Installation

Have you ever thought you could get out a hammer and a screwdriver and take care of building your new office installation in an afternoon? It probably wouldn’t be long before you wish you had taken someone’s advice and hired furniture installation services in Atlanta to do it for you, knowing they would be efficient and knowledgeable. Continue reading “Reasons to Hire Licensed Professionals for Your Office System Installation”

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Furniture Installation Services

If you want to set up your furniture accurately, always entrust your commercial furniture installation to professionals. Contrary to the impression that this job is as simple as moving things around, it involves and applies ergonomic, efficient use of space, and safety principles. Here are things to look for in a company that offers office furniture installation. Continue reading “Factors to Consider Before Hiring Furniture Installation Services”

How to Prepare Your Office for Furniture Installation

Office furnitureGetting new office furniture installed is an important part of your business’s growth. Not only does it show your company’s expansion and growth, but it allows you to continue bringing on new employees, who can help to further grow your business. If you’re looking for workstation installation in Atlanta, read these tips to get your office ready for it. Continue reading “How to Prepare Your Office for Furniture Installation”

New Trends in Office System Installation

Office design has a measurable impact on the productivity and happiness of employees. That’s why so many large corporations focus on making the interior and exterior of their buildings cohesive with their brand, pleasant for employees and customers, and as functional as possible. If you’re looking to redesign your headquarters and for office furniture installation near Atlanta, these tips on the latest developments in office innovation can help you create a positive and productive work space. Continue reading “New Trends in Office System Installation”

Install the Office Desk That Works for You

Work at a typical office cubicle can be long and tiring. It doesn’t help when your office cubicle has a desk arrangement that is uncomfortable and makes working productively difficult. If you are lucky enough to have your office cubicle remodeled, here are a few ergonomic tips for your next office desk installation in Atlanta. These tips will help make your body be more comfortable on the job, which increases productivity and prevents those aches and pains from long work days. Continue reading “Install the Office Desk That Works for You”

DIY Office Furniture Installation: What Could Go Wrong

For the cash-aware businessperson, do-it-yourself office furniture seems like the way to go. After all, you are paying, in part, for the building and installation of the piece when someone else does it. However, sometimes cost is not only reflected in the bottom line, but in other costs as well. If you choose professional help, there are services that provide business furniture installations in Atlanta. Here are a few examples of what might go wrong if you choose to tackle the job yourself: Continue reading “DIY Office Furniture Installation: What Could Go Wrong”