Install the Office Desk That Works for You

Work at a typical office cubicle can be long and tiring. It doesn’t help when your office cubicle has a desk arrangement that is uncomfortable and makes working productively difficult. If you are lucky enough to have your office cubicle remodeled, here are a few ergonomic tips for your next office desk installation in Atlanta. These tips will help make your body be more comfortable on the job, which increases productivity and prevents those aches and pains from long work days. Continue reading “Install the Office Desk That Works for You”

DIY Office Furniture Installation: What Could Go Wrong

For the cash-aware businessperson, do-it-yourself office furniture seems like the way to go. After all, you are paying, in part, for the building and installation of the piece when someone else does it. However, sometimes cost is not only reflected in the bottom line, but in other costs as well. If you choose professional help, there are services that provide business furniture installations in Atlanta. Here are a few examples of what might go wrong if you choose to tackle the job yourself: Continue reading “DIY Office Furniture Installation: What Could Go Wrong”

The Benefits of Professional Workstation Installation

Installed Work StationsWhether you’re moving into a new office building or redesigning an old work space, you have a big project ahead of you. This is an opportunity to install some new furniture that’s both attractive and ergonomic. If your employees spend all day hunched over desks and keyboards, all of this bad posture and inactivity can add up over time, but with some help from professional office furniture installers in Atlanta, you can rectify that.

Healthy Employees

Office furniture installation companies in Atlanta can help you select furniture to keep your employees sitting and working in the most ergonomic way possible. That means that they can get new chair and desk setups that will help improve their spines, joints, and general health. Adjustable furniture and keyboard trays are a good place to start, but there are a lot that professionals can tell you about how furniture setup can help reduce employee aches and pains.

Increased Productivity

It’s helpful to keep employees healthy, and not just for their own sakes. When they’re healthy and free of pain, they miss less work, and when they’re at work, their morale and productivity levels are generally higher. No one can work efficiently when uncomfortable, so you’ll only help yourself by taking this affordable step to boost employee health.

Office Design

Another way new office furniture can contribute to employee morale is simply by virtue of looking fresh and pleasant. Comfortable new furniture is generally preferable to dingy old furniture, and your employees will generally embrace the switch to the new office workstation installations in Atlanta. Also, visitors tend to notice details like this, and it’s always helpful to look sharp for clients. Professionals can help you find the right look to convey the personality of your business. They can work with you to find a cohesive look that you love, and they can handle switching out a lot of furniture at once, making sure it all happens in a timely fashion.


Organize Your Office Using Professional Furniture Installation

Professional Installing Office FurnitureOffice renovations can be long, expensive projects, and if you’re continually moving your furniture around instead of finding a sensible arrangement the first time around, then the cost keeps going up. One way to save yourself time and aggravation is to look for commercial furniture installation in Atlanta. A business like this can help you find a sensible design and then help you implement it. The key is to make sure you find a reputable licensed and insured company, and you will find that there are many benefits to hiring this company at different stages of the operation.


There are many tricks you can use to find the best room arrangement, such as sketching out a room on graph paper or a computer program and moving scale representations of furniture around until you find the right configuration, keeping an eye on outlets, windows, and doors. However, this can be slow going as you go room by room, especially if you’re new to the process of commercial furniture setup in Atlanta. However, a professional company knows a lot about efficient room arrangements. They have the benefit of years of experience, and they can share those benefits with you when they help you plan your office building.


The installation of furniture can be a tremendous headache, but a commercial furniture installer in Atlanta can help you plan for any problems or difficulties before they happen and have the expertise to make the move as smoothly as possible. They have all the right equipment and the know-how to move every piece of furniture correctly without damaging the furniture or harming the movers. They can also take care of a lot of furniture at one time. If you have a lot to be installed, it can be a logistical nightmare. A professional company can handle those logistics, however, and their experience will allow them to reconfigure the furniture you already own while installing new furniture, all while being safe and careful.


Tips on Office Furniture Installation

office furniture installation

When it comes time to update your company’s office furniture nothing is a better investment that hiring a competent furniture installation company. One of the biggest mistakes that companies make when installing office furniture is relying on their maintenance team to get the job done. For small jobs like putting together a desk or assembling a couple of bookcases, your maintenance team may be able to complete the job without incident. It’s when you are updating the furniture in an entire building where this manner of cutting costs will eventually end up with you wasting money.

Professional Furniture Installation Saves Money

Hands down you save the most money when you leave assembly to professionals. At OJ Installations, not only are you going to get professional installation, you’ll also get ongoing support. Other benefits that companies get with professional installation services include the following:

  • Experience installing all furniture system lines
  • Tear down and removal
  • Commercial relocation services
  • Unsurpassed record of safety
  • Efficient and cost-effective

When your office isn’t organized, or is in complete disarray, this can mean lost productivity. Working directly with professional furniture installers will give you peace of mind knowing that all installation deadlines will be met without incident.

About OJ Installations

Our team of installers service the Atlanta-metro area. A family-owned company, we care about giving every one of our customers personalized installation service. We install all lines of office furniture systems, fixed and seminar seating, and can even help you with relocating. Whether you have a small office or have multiple levels of offices that need furniture installation, our licensed and knowledgeable installers are available to help you today! Call now to schedule a free consultation.

3 Tips for Choosing a Seminar Furniture Installer

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