5 Types of Office Chairs and Their Uses

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If you’ve ever worked in a corporate environment in Atlanta for any length of time, you’re familiar with the various furniture styles that come with a well-equipped workplace. What you may not know is that much of this furniture is designed with a specific purpose in mind, and that is to enhance users’ comfort as they perform specific tasks. Chairs are of particular concern in the area of comfort. They do the heavy lifting, so to speak, of office furniture in that they must be able to support their users for most of the day as the workload gets done. The following is an overview of five different types of office chairs and their uses to familiarize you with the variations you’ve probably already seen in an office setting. Continue reading “5 Types of Office Chairs and Their Uses”

7 Practical Tips for a Successful Office Relocation

office movingOffice relocation requires much planning to work around potential logistical challenges. While there are many office moving companies that can help, it’s still essential to organize and plan how you’re going to move all the furniture, supplies, and equipment to your new location. Here are some practical ways to help you relocate your office successfully. Continue reading “7 Practical Tips for a Successful Office Relocation”

Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Modular Office Furniture

office furnitureThere is a lot of work to do when you’re setting up an office. Besides all the computers and IT considerations, you need to map everything out so the workplace can flow as smoothly as possible. An important element in this process is picking out the office furniture. Modular office furniture works so well because it’s relatively inexpensive and very flexible, so it’s perfectly suited to offices that are subject to grow and expand. However, there are a few things you’ll need to consider before you order up office furniture installation in Atlanta. Continue reading “Things to Keep in Mind When Purchasing Modular Office Furniture”

New vs Used Cubicles: What to Prefer?

office cubicle installationWhen moving into a new office, you’ll need to determine what your new space is going to look like. Do you bring your old furniture with you? How is the office going to be organized? One of the decisions you’ll have to make regards cubicles. You can either go with new cubicles or used, but which is best? Before hiring office relocation services in Atlanta, here are a few things to consider. Continue reading “New vs Used Cubicles: What to Prefer?”

3 Ways Office Furniture Can Inspire Your Startup

Empty Interior Of Modern Design OfficeAs a new business owner of a startup, you’re probably always looking for new ways to increase productivity in your office. One of the best ways to inspire creativity and encourage efficiency is with the right furniture setup. The right office cubicle installation in Atlanta may have more to do with how well your business performs than you think. Here are some ideas to help you get started. Continue reading “3 Ways Office Furniture Can Inspire Your Startup”

Top Reasons to Recycle Your Office Furniture

The director's officeNothing spruces up an office and motivates people more than getting new decor and modernizing the look and feel of your business. Your employees and your business guests will feel re-energized, and you convey a message to the visiting public that shouts “Innovation! Modern! Moving forward!” However, updating your office also means throwing out the old furniture. At OJ Installations in Atlanta, we always recommend that you recycle your old office furniture for your benefit and the benefit of your community and the world. Continue reading “Top Reasons to Recycle Your Office Furniture”

Ideas to Utilize Your Office Space More Efficiently

Modern open space office with city viewYour office environment affects your work quality and productivity. For instance, if your office is cluttered, messy, or distracting, the work your produce can reflect that. An organized office offers many benefits, from minimizing distractions to providing a feeling of control, which will lead to higher levels of productivity. This blog will give you a few tips on using your office space more efficiently. In some cases, you can hire systems furniture installation in Atlanta to maximize your office space. Continue reading “Ideas to Utilize Your Office Space More Efficiently”

4 Reasons Why You Should Reconfigure Your Office Space

Office space

Is your office taking full advantage of its square footage and incorporating as much productive and attractive furniture as possible, at least within your budgetary means? Many offices have considered changing their layouts and introducing new furniture, either to appeal to clients or to change the personality of the work environment. For instance, the open and conversational office is often the best layout for creativity.

Continue reading “4 Reasons Why You Should Reconfigure Your Office Space”

Why to Choose a Professional Furniture Mover

Furniture moversMoving can be a pretty big deal. If you have a growing company, and you’re looking for extra space, a move is a sign of great things to come. But it’s the actual process of moving that can be a pain. If you’ve ever done it on your own, you know how challenging a move can be. Here are a few reasons why it might be time to go with a professional mover for your next office move. Continue reading “Why to Choose a Professional Furniture Mover”