Signs You Need to Refresh Your Office Design

Chance are, it’s not orange drapes that predate the Cuban Missile Crisis or counter tops that made it through the disco age that you’re tired of looking at in your office. Even if we’re not talking about decades of outdated furniture and decorations, updating your office can boost every employee’s mood and productivity. In terms […]

Save Time and Money with Office Relocators

When it’s time to move your business, you need to hire professional relocators for the job. There are several advantages to making sure you get the best moving company available, most of which involve your bottom line and your employees’ health and safety. At OJ Installations in Atlanta, we understand that a business move can seem like […]

Factors to Consider Before Hiring Furniture Installation Services

If you want to set up your furniture accurately, always entrust your commercial furniture installation to professionals. Contrary to the impression that this job is as simple as moving things around, it involves and applies ergonomic, efficient use of space, and safety principles. Here are things to look for in a company that offers office furniture installation.

How to Prepare Your Office for Furniture Installation

Getting new office furniture installed is an important part of your business’s growth. Not only does it show your company’s expansion and growth, but it allows you to continue bringing on new employees, who can help to further grow your business. If you’re looking for workstation installation in Atlanta, read these tips to get your […]

New Trends in Office System Installation

Office design has a measurable impact on the productivity and happiness of employees. That’s why so many large corporations focus on making the interior and exterior of their buildings cohesive with their brand, pleasant for employees and customers, and as functional as possible. If you’re looking to redesign your headquarters and for office furniture installation near […]