Average Cost for Office Workstation Installation

When you are making the final decisions on office workstation installation in Atlanta, cost is something that you have to take into consideration. Cubicles can be a perfect way to maximize all of the space in your office, but it can be expensive, depending on which type you get. They provide good communication between all of the employees in the office while promoting a team environment. There are more options that you might think when it comes to deciding on which cubicles to install. A way to help yourself through the decision making process is to familiarize yourself with the different types of cubicles and what each of them cost.

The price of new cubicles can run anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars each. That’s a pretty large price range. When it comes to the more expensive cubicles, those are going to be made out of materials such as wood or stone.

Panel Mounted Cubicles

Panel mounted cubicles are one-piece units where desks and filing cabinets are actually mounted to the wall. These happen to be the most popular cubicles because they are easy to install and generally fit into any space. They are very easy to configure and cheaper in cost than most other cubicle options.

Freestanding Cubicles

Freestanding cubicles are separate panels that are placed around desks and other pieces of office furniture. A benefit that is offered with freestanding cubicles is the ability to move them wherever you please. You can change the location of the cubicles or simply replace the panels if they start to get dirty.

A cubicle can really be whatever shape that you desire, but it’s going to cost you more if you get a personalized size instead of the standard 8×8 feet, 6×8 feet, or 6×8 feet. Manager cubicles are usually the largest, while employees might be a standard 6×6 feet. Cubicles are usually about as tall as the average human, anywhere between 5 to 6 feet. You can also change the height of any cubicle, if you so desire.

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