Active Workstations: An Emerging Trend

The Modern Office

Young man working in modern workplaceIn the modern office environment, more attention is being given to employee well being. Some offices provide fitness facilities, and some supply healthy snacks and partner with local doctors’ offices and insurance services to provide employees with yearly flu shots. Another way some businesses are looking out for employees’ health is by installing active workstations. These alternative workspaces often allow workers to partially stand, and the definition of these office furniture pieces encompasses specialized desks and stools. Here is a basic primer regarding active workstations in case you’re interested in installing them.

Active Workstation Design

In short, active workstations are designed to encourage workers to move and rest in more ergonomic ways than they typically would at traditional desk-and-chair workstations. Specialized features at these more modern workstations include things like lumbar support, desk spaces that can be adjusted via motorized mechanisms to allow workers to sit or stand, and chairs that allow employees to radically change positions. These changes of position can include sitting backward or forward. It’s important to understand that being able to change positions makes a long workday easier on the body. Just sitting in one position can actually be stressful because the human body is designed to be upright and moving around for much of the day.

Having the option to stand is also good for employees’ health because it reduces the risk of obesity. People who sit all day experience lowered metabolism and accumulate fat faster. Standing, on the other hand, allows a desk user to actually burn calories as they are working. When you combine healthy eating with calories burned during a workday, being confined to an office may not look so bad health-wise.

Bells and Whistles

Employee Benefits placard with bokeh backgroundSome active workstations include features like balance boards, which shift with the user while he or she is working in a standing position. This feature caters to the human body’s propensity for movement by not allowing joints to lock up as the user moves slightly to keep up with the shifting balance board. There are also mats that encourage movement in a user’s feet. These constant, small movements can actually help to keep the skeletal system aligned properly. If you can allow your employees to work in bare feet while they are using standing workstations, they can take full advantage of these mats, as these items require more feel from the user to work properly.

Making a Decision

Now that you know a little bit more about active workstations, you can decide if some or many of the aforementioned characteristics of this modernized office furniture would fit with The work environment you seek to provide. If your main focus in switching up our office decor is improved employee health, this is a good start.

Chances are, even if you’re only able to implement a few of these features, you will see improved health and wellness, and therefore productivity and happiness, among your employees. Sometimes, it’s just not possible for employees to leave during their lunch breaks for a brisk walk around such outdoor Atlanta landmarks Piedmont Park and Centennial Olympic Park. You can provide an ongoing fitness experience by installing active workstation components like balance boards and standing mats that keep them moving throughout the day.

When you’re looking for office work space installation in Atlanta, visit for ideas and information. You’ll find that active workstations come not only with many functional options, but also in an array of appearances that can be customized to match your existing office aesthetic.

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