7 Practical Tips for a Successful Office Relocation

office movingOffice relocation requires much planning to work around potential logistical challenges. While there are many office moving companies that can help, it’s still essential to organize and plan how you’re going to move all the furniture, supplies, and equipment to your new location. Here are some practical ways to help you relocate your office successfully.

Have a Plan and Schedule

Detailed plans with time-frame are useful mainly for moving huge offices. It would take months to create a meticulous plan and years to execute it. Look for office furniture installers in Atlanta beforehand to help you create and stick to the schedule. Allow for slack time to accommodate unforeseen events like weather issues and the like.

Build Your New Office Space

Even if the actual relocation is months or years away, make sure that your new office can accommodate your people, equipment, and supplies. You can hire a dedicated provider to do office furniture re-configurations in Atlanta to ensure that everything will fit in your new office. Get a copy of the floor plan to visualize the final move.

Assign Persons-in-Charge

Each department must have someone to coordinate the relocation. Assign people and back-ups to oversee things continuously. These people should report to a team lead or a manager who supervises the entire moving operation.  Get several of your people and service providers to work together for a seamless move.

Set Meetings for Updates

It’s easy to become indifferent when you have suppliers doing the work for you. Set up regular meetings to know how far along each provider is with your current schedule or target dates, or you run the risk moving in too early or too late, which will cause you to lose money on rentals and utilities.

Organize Office Documents and Paraphernalia

Organization is critical when moving large offices. Pack essential documents carefully and make sure that only knowledgeable staff will take care of padding and packing expensive equipment. Allow a short break to ensure that work and operations won’t get in the way of moving.

Talk to Movers and Other Service Providers

Score a good deal by letting movers and office furniture builders bid on your project. The more you get interested in your company relocation, the better rate you’ll get.

Notify Stakeholders about Your Move

Notify your clients, suppliers, and billers about the relocation ahead of time to prevent missing out on your monthly utilities, inventory, subscriptions, and income generation.

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