10 Things to Ask to Your Commercial Furniture Installer

No matter how big or how small your renovation is, there are several important questions you should ask your prospective contractor. For remodeling and commercial furniture installation in Atlanta, check out this list of questions from the professionals at OJ Installations.

  • Schedules – Establish a calendar of major benchmarks in your remodeling or installation project. Project managers should be able to accurately determine how long your specific project will take, but even the most thorough plans can experience setbacks.
  • Personnel – Who will have or need access to your property? For security and accountability, it is important to know who will be working on your property and who will be supervising the work on any given day.
  • Protection – Protecting existing furniture, decor, and personal property should a topic of discussion before any work begins. Will they need to cover existing furniture and fixtures or close off rooms with construction tarp?
  • Communication – Establish a preferred method of contact with your contractor, superintendents, and any outsourced companies involved in the project. Keeping in contact shows that your contractor values your project just as much as you do.
  • Concerns – Ask your contractor about any concerns they foresee with your project. For older buildings, there may be concern about plumbing fixtures, foundational stability, and interfacing with new technology.
  • Change Orders – When problems arise, how will your contractor react? Typically, a change order is issued when things don’t go according to plan. Before any work proceeds, your contractor should present you with a change order that details the scope of work needed and the costs of these alterations.
  • Big Decisions – Once you have established a timeline of events and benchmarks for your specific project, you and your contractor can determine when decisions need to be made and who makes those decisions.
  • After Hours – How do you contact your contractor in the event of an emergency like a natural disaster or an impromptu out-of-town trip? Exchange emergency contacts just in case.
  • Meetings – Ask your contractor about inspection dates with electricians, plumbers, or code enforcement and plan to be there for those inspections.
  • Documentation – Expect to receive large amounts of paperwork like blueprints, inspection reports, labor contracts, and product warranties. Ask your contractor and any outsourced workers what kind of paperwork you can expect.

For more help finding commercial furniture installers in Atlanta for your next project, contact the professionals at OJ Installations.

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